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January 2017

Note: The Library will be closed on Monday January 2 and January 16. Adjustments to the following schedule will be necessary for Monday Shifts!

January 3-7 
What's new in FamilySearch-"View My Relationship" now appears on every person's detail page on the Family Tree.

The Family History Guide has been updated to Version 2 This presentation has only 3 slides slide #3 has link to the tutorial (5:43).Click the link to load the video. Be sure to Click for Full Screen view! (See diagram below)

January 9-14   (If there is enough time use both of the following) 
Heart Specialist Certification:              Understanding the Data in Family Tree

January 17-21
Supervisors Choice: Ann Tanner has an excellent Video (12 Min.) on some of the little known features in Family Search. This video discusses elements of FamilySearch Family Tree that will help improve your experiences using

Jumpstart Your Family History in Ten Steps - James Tanner This is 1 1hr. and 3 minute Webinar, so you could show part now and other parts at a later time. Some who have seen it say that it is some of the best training we have had!

January 23 -28-- Mentoring:
 Elder & Sister Erickson will prepare and present this presentation for all shifts!

The Training Cadre Thanks You For All That You Do!!!!!


December 2016

Because of the Christmas Season The Ogden FamilySearch Library will close at 5 pm from December 12-17 and will be closed all day from December 19 to January 3 2017 Happy Holidays!

November 28-December 3
Find, Take, Teach, Ambassador Requirements
This presentation gives an overview of how to become an Ambassador for Find, Take, Teach.

December 5-10 Using All The Tools in Your Toolbox/Partner Access Without Paying
Unfortunately, there are many people who do not know how to get around the pop-ups that require payment to FamilySearch Partners while working here in the Library.

December 12-17.Supervisor’s.Choice (Day shifts only–Library closed at 5:00 pm every day this week)
If you have not already used some of following, here are some suggestions:
How to Link Unindexed Images to FS by Ann Tanner 10 minutes
FamilySearch: Obscure Elements Revealed by Ann Tanner 12 minutes
Yammer FamilySearch Network by Margaret Leckie Under 8 Minutes
Merging Duplicates in Family Tree by James Tanner 9:22


November 2016 Training

Oct. 31-November 5 IrfanView Many people have asked that we have access to FastStone Capture on the library desk top. That is not going to happen, because of licensing issues! However, there are other options--The Microsoft Snipping tool which is a tool to do what the name implies and IrfanView a very powerful free program that Wikipedia describes as: “IrfanView (/ˈɪərfænvjuː/) is an image viewer, editor, organizer and converter program for Microsoft Windows. It can also play video and audio files, and has some image creation and painting capabilities. IrfanView is free for non-commercial use; commercial use requires paid registration. It is noted for its small size, speed, ease of use, and ability to handle a wide variety of graphic file formats.” We will only have time to show a few of the many features!" There are also lots of other free screen capture tools that are not as robust as IrfanView, work well for personal use. One of my favorites is a Google extension called Awesome Screenshot. (2 million users) Here is a link to a short video (less than 2minutes) tutorial! It also works with FireFox and Safari!

This is one of the classes taught here at the Library by Brother and Sister Capener. Staff members may be interested in learning how to make books for Christmas. Because space is limited in the Bindery the number of available spaces is limited.

November 14-19 Intro to Mentoring

November 21-22 Supervisor's Choice--Monday & Tuesday only-Library closed the rest of the week


October 2016

The Library will be closed Saturday Oct. 1 for General Conference

1.  October 3-8  Five Generations Exercise This is an overview of a course being taught by Johnny Willis that is a collaborative effort between Brother Willis and Delos Adams. More detailed information can be found Here.

2. October 10-15 Fuel the Find

Introduction to the Ogden FamilySearch Library Indexing 
Project during the next week!
Please do some training after Prayer Meeting for those who need help with indexing!
There is also a presentation on indexing in other languages, if you would like to use it.
Index for the Whole World 

3. October 17-22 All My Ancestors An overview of new and not so new apps to help find obituaries, memorials, of your deceased ancestors and information about your pioneer ancestors. Much like "All the Stories", each of these can be found in one place! There is an opportunity during this presentation for individuals in your group to have some "hands on" experience!

4. October 24-29 Supervisor’s Choice Thanks for all you do!


2016 September Training

During September  (Library  will  be  closed  Saturday,  Sept.  3rd  &  Monday,  Sept.  5th  for  Labor  Day  &  Saturday   Sept.  10th  for  the  Ogden  Family  History  Conference)  

Week 1  Sept.  5-­10  Supervisor’s  Choice  (No  training  on  Monday  &  Saturday  shifts)

Week 2 Sept.  12-­17  Note: All shifts should be doing the Emergency Training this week.  The building maps referred to are on the trainers' desk in room 12.  You may need to make more.
Emergency  Training  &  Maps  – Review the old emergency preparedness  presentation  from  March  2016.  Maps will be available for each participant to fill in the required information. The  staff  will  have an assignment to complete them  and turn them in to their supervisor before they go home.If time permits-"If an emergency occurred tomorrow, would you be ready?"
Week 3 Sept. 19-14 Training on the new Windows 10 Desktop The prayer meeting presentation for the week of September 19 to 24 is planned to introduce library staff to the use of the new computers with the New VDI and Windows 10.  There is no prepared presentation for this week.  There will be a second computer on the presentation desk with the New VDI and Windows 10 installed.  It is expected that the presenter will demonstrate the use of the New VDI and Windows 10 on that computer.  Please acquaint yourself with the use of the desktop and other features. Click Here to access the outline!

No! We did not forget to put the Link in for this training!  After much discussion, searching for online tutorials,(Which are OK, but don't exactly fit our situation) and trial and error, we decided that the best method of instruction would be for You to demonstrate what happens when you click on each of the icons etc. and show what the results are!
Many of our patrons and consultants too, are afraid they will break something if they click it. Most of us, who are somewhat comfortable with the new system, learned about Windows 10 by clicking to see what happens! If you are uncomfortable still, do a search for "Windows 10 Tutorials" and watch a few and then practice by clicking on everything on the desktop! A computer that has the new VDI on it will be at the instructors station for your use during this week.

Week 4 Sept. 26-Oct. 1
Relax & Enjoy
This week's training will be conducted by FamilySearch!!!


August Training

August 1-6 Flash Drives & Family History

Thumb Drive

Flash or Thumb drives, also known by many other names, are very useful in Family History work! This Presentation gives some information that will enhance your use of these devices

August 8-13 Unindexed Sources

Based on a 2016 Roots Tech presentation by Robert Kehrer that is too long for Prayer Meeting.. Supervisors and Trainers can watch the original for more complete information on this subject by clicking  here.  (Scroll to the bottom of the page when the link loads)

August 15-20 Family History Conference Overview

August 22-27,  August 29-September 3 and Sept. 5- 10
Supervisors Choice 
Because of Labor day and the the Family History Conference, the Monday and Saturday and other groups that are missing days in July there may not be time for everyone to do all that we have asked you to do! This will be a good time to "catch up" and also address specific needs on your shift! If you need help here are some suggestions:

Brian Edwards - How to move forward in your FamilySearch research 0:52

Access to records-FamilySearch  2:47
Roger Bell - How to correct errors in the data 1:00
Ron Tanner - Changing the starting person in your family tree 1:33
Opening New Tabs in FamilySearch – Robert Kehrer 1:10
Roger Bell - Changing an item in the gallery from a photo to a document  1:18
Robert Kehrer - How to use un-indexed records 1:14
Brian Edwards - Starting your research where you left off :55
Fun Quiz on relationships
Myth Buster-Some peaple believe that KW numbers are reserved for LDS Church Members :51
Longer YouTube videos
PERSI by Nicky Smith 16.21
Merging Duplicates in Family Tree by James Tanner  9:21
Adding sources in Family Tree Heather McPhie 8:47
Merging Duplicates in FamilySearch Family Tree by Carol Hill 18:30

Short 5 slide Thank You For Participating in the World Wide Indexing Event-Shows how many participants, by age group, by region and total number of records indexed!


July Training

Note: The Ogden FamilySearch Library will be closed on the following dates-
July 2-4 and July 23-25! If your shift falls on any of those days, you will need to make adjustments to the following schedule.

Week 1 July 4-9
Preparation for Jubilee Week
Practice and training:
1. Patrons who come to the Jubilee Celebration may not have an LDS account or they may not know their username or password! Are we prepared to help them?

2. Are we prepared to help with Find Take Teach?

Here are some training items you can use if needed!

After you sign in it analyzes your tree and makes suggestions about what to do next. ( My tree has many generations filled so it has a pdf handout and a short video to teach me how to do descendancy research. If my tree was not full, it would give me suggestions about what to do next.

Frequently asked questions and a short Video

Week 2

Week 3
July 18-23

Pretty Yellow Hat or an old Red Basket-Good Ordinance or Not? About 10 minutes plus discussion

Week 4
July 25-30

Supervisor and Trainer Choice: All the Stories-A new FamilySearch application is a good possibility, that can be taught in a few minutes. You can demonstrate how to find the app and show your stories or have members of your group come up and find theirs.
July 6, 2016-A new Google Docs Presentation has been added if you would like to use it!
Follow these steps:
1. Go to
2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on App Gallery
3. Search for All the Stories
4. Click on the All the Stories icon
5. Log in 
6. Wait. Watch and Enjoy All your stories in one place!


June 2016 Training

Short Notice: Because of the Memorial Day Holiday Monday shifts should start this training on May 23rd!

Tuesday May 31- June 4 and June 6-11.

Begin at the Beginning: Helping Others to Love Family History. This workshop, filmed as part of the LDS track at RootsTech 2016, is based on some basic ideas and examples for how to help someone new to family history to begin to love it. (I have tried this and it really does work!) 
This Video is a little over 30 min long and needs to be presented in 2 separate Prayer Meetings. At the end of the first day, record the point that you stopped and start at that point on day 2.

On the 2nd day the following Presentation could also be used as an excellent Review or used later as needed.

Third week:13-18

Fourth Week: 20-25


May Training

4th  Week: Supervisor Choice (What’s new—perhaps the  
(Early Mormon Missionaries database at the Church History Library website.)

Keep in mind that Tuesday Shifts will have 5 sessions, so plan accordingly. Suggestions for future training are encouraged!