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July 2018

Library closed:     July 2-4 & 23,24

July  5, 6, 7:  Hands on workshop for those shifts meeting on these days! For this exercise you could use The Family History Guide)

Goal 11: Merge duplicate ancestors in your tree. If you can’t find any duplicates, I would bet that you can find some using Find-A-Record. Click on the link above and follow the directions under 'B'. Trainers could demonstrate how to use Find-A-Record to find duplicates etc.

July 9- 14:  Open House: Tuesday July 10-July 12, but prayer meeting will be held each day as usual. Those who meet on Open House days (Tuesday-Thursday) can meet in room 13 for prayer meeting. The training during this week will be Part 2 of Finding Elusive Records
Search from the FamilySearch Catalog (9:02)
Using Batch Numbers (6:04)
Filter Results by Collection (4:09)

July 16-21 -  It is anticipated that by that time we will know who the new
Directors are. So, if this is true Prayer Meeting time will be
“getting to know the new directors”

There are 4 videos in this part:
Exact Searching (4;34)
Searching With Wildcards (5:55)
Analyze Search Results in a Spreadsheet (2:47)
Questions, Answers and Feedback (1:20)
Here is an new Handout: Finding Digital Records on FamilySearch
July 30-Aug 4 Hands on Workshop for shifts who have watched the 3 parts of Finding Elusive Records.
Monday & Tuesday Shifts- Part 3 of Finding Elusive Records