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October 2018

Oct 1-5 (No Saturday shift-General Conference Oct 6)

Each Missionary going to the new building will be given a training document like the one pictured on the left. This Training is based on the Projects and Goals in The Family History Guide During the first 2 weeks in October, we will focus on The Family History Guide. If you are new to the Guide, you may be curious about the kinds of things you can do on the website, without having to search through all the menus. During this first week, we will go through a quick overview of the Family History Guide. Show and discuss the following videos:
(This Training will be good for all, even if you are not going to the new building)

1.Amber's Journey 2.The Human Knot 3.Quick Tour
Let's take a quick look inside one of the projects Show-Me: Inside Projects

Oct. 8-13

Recently, FamilySearch introduced a

new overhaul of the person page. The Family History Guide has updated the material in the Guide to reflect those changes. Trainers should spend enough time reviewing the following presentation that they will be comfortable with it! (Be prepared to answer questions about the new person page)

The New Person Page in Tree

(In preparation for next week each consultant should select a project in FamilySearch to work on during the Hands-on experience!!)

Oct. 15-20 Hands-On Exploration of The Family History Guide

Oct. 22-27  Indexing Challenge