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January 2016 Training

My Blank Tree, Building a Bridge to the Temple

Mobile Apps For FamilySearch Depending on how much discussion you have, this presentation could take 2 sessions. So plan accordingly.

The following presentations are varied in length (mostly short) and can be used as you see fit. Many of our consultants are new and it is always good to review these kind of things!

Third Party Software Program

Using a Program That Uses or Imports Paf Files Directly Has Advantages

Retrieving Your User Name or Password


December 2015 Training

Online Help

Interfaith Works! What we are doing to help our friends and neighbors of other Faiths to do their Family History


November 2015

When we started this blog we had 2 purposes in mind:
1. To make our training available on the internet for "trainers" and anyone else with an interest in Family History.
2. To get feedback and suggestions for future training. 

(If you have comments or suggestions you can post them at the bottom of this blog or contact a member of the Training Cadre: Terry Allen, Allen Hardison, David Shurtz, Shelley Felt, Nan Peacock, Linda Durstelor, Roger Cragun, Becky Hinze or Stephen Felt.

Week 1.
We frequently get questions about sharing information between FamilySearch and Ancestry. The following is a short video (10:41) on creating trees in, then comparing and moving information to FamilySearch Family Tree. After you have played the video you should be prepared to do a live demo and answer questions.

Week 2. Some suggestions for using social media for family history.

Week 3. Have you joined the FamilySearch Family Tree User Group? Do you know what it is or how it may be able to help you? This presentation is a brief introduction to:

Week 4. (if you have one-some will not) To be determined by Shift Supervisors & Trainers: What's new etc. Here is a link to What's New in October


October Training

1. Presentation on Classes….Nan Peacock

 3. Microfilm Scanner….Dave Shurtz….

4. "Optional" or "What’s New" at FamilySearch
You may want to consider Projects from the BYU FAMILY HISTORY TECHNOLOGY LAB which include an improved Relative Finder (Certified), Virtual Pedigree (Certified-If scroll down there is a 6 Minute video) Grandma's (Certified-also has a 5 minute video), Ancestor Squares and Geneopardy listed as Beta programs, but right now the link for Geneopardy takes you to Grandma's Pie.


September Training

The time for the Ogden Family History Conference is rapidly approaching! Please start showing this in each shift on Saturday August 29th and throughout the following week!

An exciting new website was launched a few weeks ago that will be a great help for consultants and patrons. This Google slides presentation is an overview of The Family History Guide. "Introduction to The Family History Guide" is a pdf document prepared by the Oakland FamilySearch Library that can be downloaded at:


Did you know that we teach a class in Book Binding at the Ogden FamilySearch Library? 
The class is taught by Ben Reeves who also oversees the bindery. The following Presentation will acquaint consultants and patrons with the "what", "when" and "how" of the bindery!

"My Tree" and "The Magic Well": How Mental Models Influence Use of 
FamilySearch Family Tree


August Training

"FamilySearch has chosen to make links to online documents the backbone of their source citations. To give you the freedom to create sources from any website or personally owned documents, we present RecordSeek Tree Connect by Real-Time Collaboration. This FamilySearch certified product can link the source directly to your ancestors on the FamilySearch Family Tree and put the source into Source Box so you can attach it to several different people. If you have a scanned document that you want to use as a source, that document can be uploaded to our website and a source will be created."(from  ) Slide Presentation by Shelley Felt

Create Citations Easily with

One of the most popular features in Family Search Family Tree is "Memories". Are you up to date on all of the features and latest changes? 
New & Old in Memories
My first password was 4 characters long and I can still remember it, but a hacker could steal it in seconds! Over the years, my passwords have gotten stronger, but I also have to change them frequently! (Not because I should, but because I can't remember my unique password password for that site! I suspect that I am not the only Senior Citizen who has that problem) The internet has all kinds of information on on this subject. I spent hours looking at "password managers", "password generators", "password checkers" and dozens of ways to create "strong passwords". This presentation is not intended to be a a complete guide to "strong passwords". We will present a few ideas that we hope will help you create stronger passwords that you can remember. If you desire more information search the internet using some of the words above that are in quotation marks.
(Adapted by Terry Allen from many Internet sources)


July Training

Meet the Directors: As you know we have a new couple that has been called to oversee the activities here at the Ogden Family Search Library. This short presentation was created to help us get better acquainted with them and should be presented during the first week in July as time permits. (To access click "Meet the Directors" above.)

Getting acquainted with all of the Summer Activities training: During June we asked you to present one of the Presentations that are being presented this summer for Primary, Youth and Adult groups. Several have given feedback that has been very helpful in making them better. For example: some people suggested that we change the Youth Beginning with Me presentation to make it more appropriate for adults. This has been done! Our goal is that these presentations be tweaked, refined, perfected  and updated as changes occur! We desire that everyone become familiar with each presentation and continue to give that kind of feedback. Since all of the presentations were not shown in June, we ask that you present the ones that you did not use during June, in July. Feedback can be written and put in Brother Stephen Felts box in the office or you can make comments at the bottom of this blog!

Summer Activities Presentations
Note: You should view all of the presentations in the "Present" mode in order to see the transitions, which are arranged to help clarify, etc. If the presenter is not doing the presentation in "Present" mode, neither the videos nor the transitions will work.  The Presentations are class/group lessons -- not just training for staff but helps for staff teaching the material.

Only one of these 2

 If you run out of things to do (We really don't think you will) you can always discuss What's New!

If you have suggestions for further training needs put them in the comments below!


June Training Outline

This Blog was created in an attempt to create better communication between the Training Cadre at the Ogden Family Search Library and shift supervisors and trainers. We invite you to make comments, ask questions and offer suggestions for future lessons etc. We hope that this will open up the lines of communication so that we can better serve you.

Week 1: Summer Activity Presentation Alfa training for all shifts. Unless otherwise assigned, Select one of the Youth Presentations from the “Summer Activities” folder On the DeskTop in room 12. These are to be actual classes and are not designed for staff training in Prayer Meeting. They are presented here so that the staff can become familiar with them. When actually presented they will take approximately 2 hrs.

The following presentations can be done in any order. Each of these can be accessed by clicking on the blue link or from any computer by going to

Workshop 9-Getting Help with Family History This presentation was adapted from the Sunday School Course found at under the Consultant tab. You may not be aware of this site, but it is a very useful site and you you can register and become a part of it! Check it out!