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May 2018 Training

April 30-May 5 (Library will be closed May 28 for Memorial Day)

Image Editing Using

Paint.NET is a fully-featured alternative to more complex and hard-to-grasp image editors like GIMP which is also free. Its simplicity is its core strength, but it also contains advanced features that help you create better images. It is a powerful easy-to-use Image editor that offers features similar to those that that you will find in Adobe Photoshop. It features layers, enabling you to edit specific areas of your image, or build up an Image from a number of different sections. (Taken from an online review.)
May 7-12  - Uploading to FamilySearch Memories by Ann Tanner
This is a great video on how to upload pictures, documents, and stories to FamilySearch
Family Tree. Here are a couple of Links to PDF documents explaining this process. 
May 14-19 Family History Detectives 2018 Introduction

This is a brief overview of the Summer Camp Training for this summer. The committee has been working hard and has come up with a plan to teach our young people how to be Family History Detectives
There should also be enough time for each shift to organize and get ready for this important summer activity.

May 21-26   Hands on Workshop
Prepare ahead and bring some digital pictures that you would like to edit or upload to FamilySearch