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June Training Outline

This Blog was created in an attempt to create better communication between the Training Cadre at the Ogden Family Search Library and shift supervisors and trainers. We invite you to make comments, ask questions and offer suggestions for future lessons etc. We hope that this will open up the lines of communication so that we can better serve you.

Week 1: Summer Activity Presentation Alfa training for all shifts. Unless otherwise assigned, Select one of the Youth Presentations from the “Summer Activities” folder On the DeskTop in room 12. These are to be actual classes and are not designed for staff training in Prayer Meeting. They are presented here so that the staff can become familiar with them. When actually presented they will take approximately 2 hrs.

The following presentations can be done in any order. Each of these can be accessed by clicking on the blue link or from any computer by going to

Workshop 9-Getting Help with Family History This presentation was adapted from the Sunday School Course found at under the Consultant tab. You may not be aware of this site, but it is a very useful site and you you can register and become a part of it! Check it out!