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April 2018

April 2-7 - Topics from RootsTech-

Elder Renlund's Talk(10 minutes)
Gathering God's family on both sides of the veil and the role of Priesthood leaders and ward councils and Temple and Family History Consultants was the theme of the Leadership session taught by General Authorities at RootstTech 2018. During the first 2 weeks of April we will cover some of the highlights of that training. Elder Dale G. Renlund conducted this session. 

Elder Bradley D. Foster (9:18)
According to the Deseret News.         
"A capacity congregation in the Conference Center Theater and many others tuned in via live internet streaming—attended thesession, primarily directed to those throughout the Church who hold the position of temple and family history consultant." The Deseret News  reported on the next presentation: "Addressing the consultants present and watching online, Elder Bradley D. Foster said they have “one of the most exciting and profound callings  in the Church.”

April 9-14  - Sister Joy D. Jones-General Primary President (5:32)

Sister Joy D. Jones, Primary general president and a member of the Temple and Family History Executive Council, said, “Children love to learn about their ancestors. Family stories can teach them important lessons and help them develop a foundation of strength they can draw from throughout their lives.”Show only the 1st 5:32 of the video! Stop at the end of her talk-do not show the rest the video! Her mention of the rising generation and involving primary children particularly those who are11 and 12 years old, ties nicely into our summer activity, Family History Detective Training.  Maybe it could be mentioned along with how youth groups come to the Library. Additionally, this year's Ogden Family History Conference will have a great deal to offer the young single adults.

Show only Elder Patrick Kearon’s talk (Stop the video at 6:44)
Elder Kearon compares 2 contrasting Family History experiences he had as a new convert and illustrates the importance of consultants helping those they are helping discover with the spirit and love. This could  lead to a discussion about Find, Take, Teach and Discover, Gather, Connect?  The following is a statement in the  new Temple And Family History Consultant training. You can access it Here (The statement below is at the bottom left under
Minister One-One-on-One)

“Helpers should teach following the example of the Savior, line upon line and precept upon precept. Experiences should be tailored to the participants' level of understanding of family history, and you should be considerate of their time.
  • Keep the interaction short (30 to 40 minutes is recommended)
  • Invite the people you are helping to bring their own personal electronic device.
  • Invite the participants to learn by doing.
  • Be sensitive to difficult family relationships or complex family trees. Seek opportunities to show an increase of love for the person you are helping
If you have time you can click on all of the "See More" buttons.but "Minister One-On-One" fits best with Elder Kearon's talk.

April 16-21 -We have been asked to provide some additional Indexing training to start another Ogden FamilySearch Library Indexing Challenge to help Fuel the Find during this week.

Web Indexing Review And Reminders

An overview on changes to indexing including emphasis on staying current with instructions, changes, different formats and how to find the review tab.  Need to encourage volunteers currently indexing to start reviewing as there is an urgent need for this. If you have time you could go to the blog Here and cover the information in the blog about Reviewing.
Note: While working on the May training I stumbled on to some Web indexing Videos that could supplement the above slide presentation.
April 23-28 - Hands on workshop - Indexing
All missionaries and consultants are encouraged to index at least one batch
during this week!