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August Training

"FamilySearch has chosen to make links to online documents the backbone of their source citations. To give you the freedom to create sources from any website or personally owned documents, we present RecordSeek Tree Connect by Real-Time Collaboration. This FamilySearch certified product can link the source directly to your ancestors on the FamilySearch Family Tree and put the source into Source Box so you can attach it to several different people. If you have a scanned document that you want to use as a source, that document can be uploaded to our website and a source will be created."(from  ) Slide Presentation by Shelley Felt

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One of the most popular features in Family Search Family Tree is "Memories". Are you up to date on all of the features and latest changes? 
New & Old in Memories
My first password was 4 characters long and I can still remember it, but a hacker could steal it in seconds! Over the years, my passwords have gotten stronger, but I also have to change them frequently! (Not because I should, but because I can't remember my unique password password for that site! I suspect that I am not the only Senior Citizen who has that problem) The internet has all kinds of information on on this subject. I spent hours looking at "password managers", "password generators", "password checkers" and dozens of ways to create "strong passwords". This presentation is not intended to be a a complete guide to "strong passwords". We will present a few ideas that we hope will help you create stronger passwords that you can remember. If you desire more information search the internet using some of the words above that are in quotation marks.
(Adapted by Terry Allen from many Internet sources)