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March 2018 Training

The focus for March will be on Temple & Family History Consultants training - PREPARE SPIRITUALLY

March 5-10 - Temple & Family History Consultant training
A couple of weeks ago a new TAFH Consultant told me that when she was called she was told "This is a calling that doesn't require much work!" ??? We frequently have newly called Ward and Stake “Temple and Family History Consultants” come to our library seeking help with their new calling. We are happy to help! Many of us could use that training as well! They and many of us are unaware of the the great training that is available to us on and familysearch for Temple & Family History Consultants, Ward Councils, and Priesthood Leaders!. (Disclaimer: This is my 1st attempt at putting training on YouTube in a video format. Quite an educational experience! In some ways it was harder than I thought, but with some practice it will get easier! Don't be too critical!)

March 12-17
Preparing a Personalized Plan: An Inside Look Inside look at preparing a personal family history experience between a mentor Temple and Family History Consultant and a new consultant using the principles for helping others.(13:56)

March 19-24 -The Consultant Panner
A FamilySearch Tool For Helping Others (This is a Slide presentation and depending on the presenter will take 10-15 minutes)

How to Use the Consultant Planner (by Holly Kauer 8 Minutes) This video could also be used if you have time.

Possible Handouts: The Consultant Planner Lesson Basic Standards (Linda Dursteller)

Guide for TFH Homework-Before Helping Someone One-on-One (Ed Williams)

March 26-31 - Hands on workshop.  (General Conference starts March 31st)
Meet in a classroom and have a SHORT devotional.
Using the information learned during this month, library missionaries and volunteers
will prepare a lesson for someone else or prepare a lesson using their own tree in
the Consultant Planner. How can we help others, if we have never done it ourselves.