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July 2017 Training

(Library Closed July 1st, 3rd, 4th, 22nd, & 24th for Independence Day & Pioneer Day- Shifts that are affected by these closures will need to make adjustments to this schedule)

July 5-8  G Suite:Google Docs

When you purchased your computer did it come with an office suite like Microsoft Office? If that suite is outdated or nonexistent, there are free options available! Google Docs or G Suite as it is sometimes called is free and will meet the needs of most who don't have a requirement for a more sophisticated office suite. This presentation gives a brief overview! If you have time you could also Use this link for information and a short slide show on how to get the extension and how to use it.

July 10-15 

Libre Office 

Another free Office Suite with more power. Either of these could be used to write a history or any other purpose that you might need to use it for. You can use either one or both!!

July 17-21 

Google's New Voice Typing Feature for Google Docs

This is a live demonstration of voice typing in Google Docs. Click on the link above to load. (Just over 3 minutes in length.)

Use Voice Typing to Format your Google Docs  

About 4 Minutes long



Using Google Drive as a PDF Converter (6:11)

 One of the genealogy questions that I am asked about most frequently goes something like this, "I have a pdf file or a jpeg picture file that has text in it and I would like to edit that file. Is there some way that I can do that? The answer to that question is, yes, but you need an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) program to do it. Today, there are many programs available and some of them are free! The good news is that Google Docs has an OCR program built in! So, you can accomplish that task by loading your file into google docs! The purpose of this video is to show you how easy it really is!                                                                      
Type with your voice
This presentation has many more voice commands than are in the videos above. It was created for class! If you have time, just do a quick overview!
 Follow the instructions in the notes at the bottom of slide #1 or you will end up in slides 8 & 9 and you will miss most of the presentation. (You really don't want to go there!) Remember, this only works with the Chrome browser!

July 25-29

Overview of Open House Activities

Elder & Sister Erickson