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January 2017

Note: The Library will be closed on Monday January 2 and January 16. Adjustments to the following schedule will be necessary for Monday Shifts!

January 3-7 
What's new in FamilySearch-"View My Relationship" now appears on every person's detail page on the Family Tree.

The Family History Guide has been updated to Version 2 This presentation has only 3 slides slide #3 has link to the tutorial (5:43).Click the link to load the video. Be sure to Click for Full Screen view! (See diagram below)

January 9-14   (If there is enough time use both of the following) 
Heart Specialist Certification:              Understanding the Data in Family Tree

January 17-21
Supervisors Choice: Ann Tanner has an excellent Video (12 Min.) on some of the little known features in Family Search. This video discusses elements of FamilySearch Family Tree that will help improve your experiences using

Jumpstart Your Family History in Ten Steps - James Tanner This is 1 1hr. and 3 minute Webinar, so you could show part now and other parts at a later time. Some who have seen it say that it is some of the best training we have had!

January 23 -28-- Mentoring:
 Elder & Sister Erickson will prepare and present this presentation for all shifts!

The Training Cadre Thanks You For All That You Do!!!!!