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February 2018 Training

January 29-Feb. 3  SomeoneKeeps Changing my Records -- Now What
Who hasn't had this happen! How can it be avoided? Click on the link above and after watching the video use the Hand out: Make Individual in Family Tree Less Likely to be Changed General Rules for a group discussion.

Feb 5-10 Putting Documents as Sources in FT (video 11:17)            

If you have time you could show the following video.

Feb 12-17

Policies for submitting names for Temple Work

This Presentation is based on articles in FamilySearch pertaining to reserving ordinances. Some of the information is the same in more than one article. If a slide has information that has already been covered, move quickly to the new information. There are about 35 slides so you will need as much time as possible to finish and answer questions that may come from the group.

Feb 20-24 (Presidents Day Holiday Feb.19) Tracing LDS Ancestors
This Presentation is patterned after a class taught here at the Library periodically by sister Joan Hanson. It includes an overview of many sources about LDS ancestors that most people are not aware of and how to access them. If you would like more information, register for Sister Hanson's great class the next time it is offered.

Feb 26- Mar 3 Hands On Practice During Prayer Meeting

This practice session will be held in a classroom, so, plan accordingly!