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October 2017 Training

(Library closes at 5 pm Oct. 9th for Columbus Day & will close at 5 pm on Halloween)

2-6 Supervisor’s Choice

We scheduled the Supervisors Choice at the beginning of the month so that the shifts who have missed some training in the last couple of months would have a chance to catch up. Because the Bookbinding class will be starting early in October and again in November you may want to switch and do the Bookbinding class the first week. Here are a 3 fun ideas that work well with a groups- Church classes, Families, etc.
New since this bog was posted- a Video about the products from the Technology Lab. This video takes about 18 and 1/2 minutes and covers each of the products.Your Choice-show this new video or anything else you have decided to do.
  • Relatives Around Me Watch the video to see how it works. When I did it every one who had a Smart phone was already doing it before the video was finished and I was the one who needed to catch up! (By the way Elder Erickson and I are 10th cousins!)

Brother & Sister Capener are offering this great class again during October and will do another class in November if there is enough interest. The books that you can learn to produce, make great gifts for your family that will be be treasures for your family!  There may be some updates to this presentation before the date that you will be showing this. Please check back later to make sure you are up to date!                                                                                                   

16-21 Fuel the Find It is suggested that you hold Prayer Meeting in room 14 for the next 2 weeks because these last 2 weeks will be a "hands on experience". Each shift should organize so that experienced "indexers" can help those who are beginners.)

The Worldwide Fuel the Find will be Friday October 20th through Sunday October 22. FamilySearch is asking everyone to index at least one batch in that time frame.  The Ogden FSL challenge will be October 23 to October 28. In preparation for these events, this weeks training will focus on the new Web Indexing. Show FamilySearch WEB Indexing in preparation for these events. Access the Guided Tour. and have have each participant work through the tour. Web indexing Handout. (Does not include the Guided Tour!)

This week's training will be "on the job training"! After the prayer each person will actually do an indexing batch.