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December 2017

The Library will close at 5 PM December 11-16 and will close for the Holidays December 18-January 2nd

December 4-9

We have had several requests for training on Find A Record. Find-A-Record scans your tree and generates genealogy research opportunities. Opportunities include missing birth or death information, record hints, missing parents, possible missing spouses or children, data problems such as being born after you died, and poorly formatted information. For LDS users it also generates opportunities relating to LDS ordinances.

Finding Ancestors Who May Need Ordinances w/ FindaRecord 7:30

This video by Stan Kivett demonstrates how to use to find ancestors and their descendants who may need Temple Ordinances - as well as many other wonderful features.

This one is similar But adds some other ideas. The FindARecord approach to using Descendancy Research to discover cousins who need temple ordinances is so quick and easy. Learn how to do this in just a few minutes.

December 11-16-Supervisors Choice (Early Closings this week)

Wayne Summers has prepared a PowerPoint presentation on what to do if your computer gets hijacked by ransom ware! If you decide to use it, here is a Link.