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April 2018

April 2-7 - Topics from RootsTech-

Elder Renlund's Talk(10 minutes)
Gathering God's family on both sides of the veil and the role of Priesthood leaders and ward councils and Temple and Family History Consultants was the theme of the Leadership session taught by General Authorities at RootstTech 2018. During the first 2 weeks of April we will cover some of the highlights of that training. Elder Dale G. Renlund conducted this session. 

Elder Bradley D. Foster (9:18)
According to the Deseret News.         
"A capacity congregation in the Conference Center Theater and many others tuned in via live internet streaming—attended thesession, primarily directed to those throughout the Church who hold the position of temple and family history consultant." The Deseret News  reported on the next presentation: "Addressing the consultants present and watching online, Elder Bradley D. Foster said they have “one of the most exciting and profound callings  in the Church.”

April 9-14  - Sister Joy D. Jones-General Primary President (5:32)

Sister Joy D. Jones, Primary general president and a member of the Temple and Family History Executive Council, said, “Children love to learn about their ancestors. Family stories can teach them important lessons and help them develop a foundation of strength they can draw from throughout their lives.”Show only the 1st 5:32 of the video! Stop at the end of her talk-do not show the rest the video! Her mention of the rising generation and involving primary children particularly those who are11 and 12 years old, ties nicely into our summer activity, Family History Detective Training.  Maybe it could be mentioned along with how youth groups come to the Library. Additionally, this year's Ogden Family History Conference will have a great deal to offer the young single adults.

Show only Elder Patrick Kearon’s talk (Stop the video at 6:44)
Elder Kearon compares 2 contrasting Family History experiences he had as a new convert and illustrates the importance of consultants helping those they are helping discover with the spirit and love. This could  lead to a discussion about Find, Take, Teach and Discover, Gather, Connect?  The following is a statement in the  new Temple And Family History Consultant training. You can access it Here (The statement below is at the bottom left under
Minister One-One-on-One)

“Helpers should teach following the example of the Savior, line upon line and precept upon precept. Experiences should be tailored to the participants' level of understanding of family history, and you should be considerate of their time.
  • Keep the interaction short (30 to 40 minutes is recommended)
  • Invite the people you are helping to bring their own personal electronic device.
  • Invite the participants to learn by doing.
  • Be sensitive to difficult family relationships or complex family trees. Seek opportunities to show an increase of love for the person you are helping
If you have time you can click on all of the "See More" buttons.but "Minister One-On-One" fits best with Elder Kearon's talk.

April 16-21 -We have been asked to provide some additional Indexing training to start another Ogden FamilySearch Library Indexing Challenge to help Fuel the Find during this week.

Web Indexing Review And Reminders

Web Indexing Review And Reminders
An overview on changes to indexing including emphasis on staying current with instructions, changes, different formats and how to find the review tab.  Need to encourage volunteers currently indexing to start reviewing as there is an urgent need for this.

April 23-28 - Hands on workshop - Indexing
All missionaries and consultants are encouraged to index at least one batch
during this week!



March 2018 Training

The focus for March will be on Temple & Family History Consultants training - PREPARE SPIRITUALLY

March 5-10 - Temple & Family History Consultant training
A couple of weeks ago a new TAFH Consultant told me that when she was called she was told "This is a calling that doesn't require much work!" ??? We frequently have newly called Ward and Stake “Temple and Family History Consultants” come to our library seeking help with their new calling. We are happy to help! Many of us could use that training as well! They and many of us are unaware of the the great training that is available to us on and familysearch for Temple & Family History Consultants, Ward Councils, and Priesthood Leaders!. (Disclaimer: This is my 1st attempt at putting training on YouTube in a video format. Quite an educational experience! In some ways it was harder than I thought, but with some practice it will get easier! Don't be too critical!)

March 12-17
Preparing a Personalized Plan: An Inside Look Inside look at preparing a personal family history experience between a mentor Temple and Family History Consultant and a new consultant using the principles for helping others.(13:56)

March 19-24 -The Consultant Panner
A FamilySearch Tool For Helping Others (This is a Slide presentation and depending on the presenter will take 10-15 minutes)

How to Use the Consultant Planner (by Holly Kauer 8 Minutes) This video could also be used if you have time.

Possible Handouts: The Consultant Planner Lesson Basic Standards (Linda Dursteller)

Guide for TFH Homework-Before Helping Someone One-on-One (Ed Williams)

March 26-31 - Hands on workshop.  (General Conference starts March 31st)
Meet in a classroom and have a SHORT devotional.
Using the information learned during this month, library missionaries and volunteers
will prepare a lesson for someone else or prepare a lesson using their own tree in
the Consultant Planner. How can we help others, if we have never done it ourselves.


February 2018 Training

January 29-Feb. 3  SomeoneKeeps Changing my Records -- Now What
Who hasn't had this happen! How can it be avoided? Click on the link above and after watching the video use the Hand out: Make Individual in Family Tree Less Likely to be Changed General Rules for a group discussion.

Feb 5-10 Putting Documents as Sources in FT (video 11:17)            

If you have time you could show the following video.

Feb 12-17

Policies for submitting names for Temple Work

This Presentation is based on articles in FamilySearch pertaining to reserving ordinances. Some of the information is the same in more than one article. If a slide has information that has already been covered, move quickly to the new information. There are about 35 slides so you will need as much time as possible to finish and answer questions that may come from the group.

Feb 20-24 (Presidents Day Holiday Feb.19) Tracing LDS Ancestors
This Presentation is patterned after a class taught here at the Library periodically by sister Joan Hanson. It includes an overview of many sources about LDS ancestors that most people are not aware of and how to access them. If you would like more information, register for Sister Hanson's great class the next time it is offered.

Feb 26- Mar 3 Hands On Practice During Prayer Meeting

This practice session will be held in a classroom, so, plan accordingly!


January 2018

January 2-6

We begin the new year by focusing on Research for the month of January. Our plan is to change what used to be the Supervisor's Choice to a hands-on workshop experience like we did in October with indexing. 

The video, which is a part of this presentation, by Stan Kivett demonstrates the "Interview" process that will help you to confidently take your ancestors to the temple properly.                

Why Research- Is it really necessary?

January 8-13 

Example #2: Interview your ancestors before you TAKE them to the temple.

The important skills taught in this video will help you know why you shouldn't just hunt for 'green temple' icons, reserve the names and go to the temple - UNTIL you have spent time interviewing them. It's so important to take some time to get to know these relatives just in case you can find more information and prove they really do need temple ordinances. Sometimes you will find other family members to add to FamilySearch, while other times you'll prove the person is a duplicate and that their temple work has already been done!

January 16-20 (There will not be enough time to show all 4 videos-choose wisely)

Merging Duplicates (by Holly Kauer) (9 Minutes)

This demonstration is simple, yet filled with important tips to successfully learn how to merge duplicate individuals that you will certainly be finding in the FamilySearch Family Tree.   

Using Record Seek to Attach Sources (by Holly Kauer)5:48

This video is a must see! In just a few minutes you will learn how to transfer sources that you find anywhere on the web to easily and professionally move the source into FamilySearch.

Organizing and Editing Sources (by Holly Kauer)3:25

Use this one for those who like to have sources in order.

Most of our workers know how to attach sources from FamilySearch, but for those who are new and have not had this training, you could point them in this direction.

Attaching FamilySearch Record Hints 8:55

January 22-27 Practice what we have learned about Research

During Prayer meeting we will meet in a classroom, have a prayer and a short thought or no thought to maximize the time spent practicing research skills. This time could be spent doing any of the following activities:
  • Correct & complete Family Relationships
  • Analyze Family Relationships
  • Review sources
  • Duplicates should be solved
  • Merging duplicates
  • Using Record Seek to attach sources
  • Organizing & Editing Sources
  • Attaching FamilySearch record hints
  • Or anything else that will help to clean up the records in FamilySearch 
Here are some guides from the FamilySearch wiki that you can copy or print

Other FT Entry Level Task Guides (STEPS with Pictures)


December 2017

The Library will close at 5 PM December 11-16 and will close for the Holidays December 18-January 2nd

December 4-9

We have had several requests for training on Find A Record. Find-A-Record scans your tree and generates genealogy research opportunities. Opportunities include missing birth or death information, record hints, missing parents, possible missing spouses or children, data problems such as being born after you died, and poorly formatted information. For LDS users it also generates opportunities relating to LDS ordinances.

Finding Ancestors Who May Need Ordinances w/ FindaRecord 7:30

This video by Stan Kivett demonstrates how to use to find ancestors and their descendants who may need Temple Ordinances - as well as many other wonderful features.

This one is similar But adds some other ideas. The FindARecord approach to using Descendancy Research to discover cousins who need temple ordinances is so quick and easy. Learn how to do this in just a few minutes.

December 11-16-Supervisors Choice (Early Closings this week)

Wayne Summers has prepared a PowerPoint presentation on what to do if your computer gets hijacked by ransom ware! If you decide to use it, here is a Link.


November 2017

(Library closed November 22-25 for Thanksgiving Holiday)

Oct. 30-Nov. 4 (Remember the Library closes at 5 on Halloween)

Our original plan was to show this video to begin our "Fuel the Find" experience, but after previewing the video and seeing the amount of information that was covered in a short time period, we decided it would be overwhelming to the beginner and would be better as a review, after everyone had some experience with indexing. If you would rather not have 3 weeks devoted to indexing, you are on your own!

Nov. 6-11 Scanning  Slides (using the Slide Scanner) Updated 3/11/17

The new  high speed slide scanner is a valuable tool for our library! Get out those old boxes of slides (I have about 200 slides) and convert them to digital format. Once they are converted, they can easily be shared on FamilySearch or privately with family.
We are grateful to Brother McDonald for sharing this presentation with us!
Are you seeing too much of this?  Does your FamilySearch file have too much of this?  

This presentation will help you cure the red measles (Exclamation points) in your tree!         

Nov. 20-21 (Thanksgiving Holiday Week)

Supervisors Choice

Nov. 27-Dec. 2 Tips & Tricks   (Handout)


October 2017 Training

(Library closes at 5 pm Oct. 9th for Columbus Day & will close at 5 pm on Halloween)

2-6 Supervisor’s Choice

We scheduled the Supervisors Choice at the beginning of the month so that the shifts who have missed some training in the last couple of months would have a chance to catch up. Because the Bookbinding class will be starting early in October and again in November you may want to switch and do the Bookbinding class the first week. Here are a 3 fun ideas that work well with a groups- Church classes, Families, etc.
New since this bog was posted- a Video about the products from the Technology Lab. This video takes about 18 and 1/2 minutes and covers each of the products.Your Choice-show this new video or anything else you have decided to do.
  • Relatives Around Me Watch the video to see how it works. When I did it every one who had a Smart phone was already doing it before the video was finished and I was the one who needed to catch up! (By the way Elder Erickson and I are 10th cousins!)

Brother & Sister Capener are offering this great class again during October and will do another class in November if there is enough interest. The books that you can learn to produce, make great gifts for your family that will be be treasures for your family!  There may be some updates to this presentation before the date that you will be showing this. Please check back later to make sure you are up to date!                                                                                                   

16-21 Fuel the Find It is suggested that you hold Prayer Meeting in room 14 for the next 2 weeks because these last 2 weeks will be a "hands on experience". Each shift should organize so that experienced "indexers" can help those who are beginners.)

The Worldwide Fuel the Find will be Friday October 20th through Sunday October 22. FamilySearch is asking everyone to index at least one batch in that time frame.  The Ogden FSL challenge will be October 23 to October 28. In preparation for these events, this weeks training will focus on the new Web Indexing. Show FamilySearch WEB Indexing in preparation for these events. Access the Guided Tour. and have have each participant work through the tour. Web indexing Handout. (Does not include the Guided Tour!)

This week's training will be "on the job training"! After the prayer each person will actually do an indexing batch.