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2016 September Training

During September  (Library  will  be  closed  Saturday,  Sept.  3rd  &  Monday,  Sept.  5th  for  Labor  Day  &  Saturday   Sept.  10th  for  the  Ogden  Family  History  Conference)  

Week 1  Sept.  5-­10  Supervisor’s  Choice  (No  training  on  Monday  &  Saturday  shifts)

Week 2 Sept.  12-­17  Note: All shifts should be doing the Emergency Training this week.  The building maps referred to are on the trainers' desk in room 12.  You may need to make more.
Emergency  Training  &  Maps  – Review the old emergency preparedness  presentation  from  March  2016.  Maps will be available for each participant to fill in the required information. The  staff  will  have an assignment to complete them  and turn them in to their supervisor before they go home.If time permits-"If an emergency occurred tomorrow, would you be ready?"
Week 3 Sept. 19-14 Training on the new Windows 10 Desktop The prayer meeting presentation for the week of September 19 to 24 is planned to introduce library staff to the use of the new computers with the New VDI and Windows 10.  There is no prepared presentation for this week.  There will be a second computer on the presentation desk with the New VDI and Windows 10 installed.  It is expected that the presenter will demonstrate the use of the New VDI and Windows 10 on that computer.  Please acquaint yourself with the use of the desktop and other features. Click Here to access the outline!

No! We did not forget to put the Link in for this training!  After much discussion, searching for online tutorials,(Which are OK, but don't exactly fit our situation) and trial and error, we decided that the best method of instruction would be for You to demonstrate what happens when you click on each of the icons etc. and show what the results are!
Many of our patrons and consultants too, are afraid they will break something if they click it. Most of us, who are somewhat comfortable with the new system, learned about Windows 10 by clicking to see what happens! If you are uncomfortable still, do a search for "Windows 10 Tutorials" and watch a few and then practice by clicking on everything on the desktop! A computer that has the new VDI on it will be at the instructors station for your use during this week.

Week 4 Sept. 26-Oct. 1
Relax & Enjoy
This week's training will be conducted by FamilySearch!!!