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July Training

Meet the Directors: As you know we have a new couple that has been called to oversee the activities here at the Ogden Family Search Library. This short presentation was created to help us get better acquainted with them and should be presented during the first week in July as time permits. (To access click "Meet the Directors" above.)

Getting acquainted with all of the Summer Activities training: During June we asked you to present one of the Presentations that are being presented this summer for Primary, Youth and Adult groups. Several have given feedback that has been very helpful in making them better. For example: some people suggested that we change the Youth Beginning with Me presentation to make it more appropriate for adults. This has been done! Our goal is that these presentations be tweaked, refined, perfected  and updated as changes occur! We desire that everyone become familiar with each presentation and continue to give that kind of feedback. Since all of the presentations were not shown in June, we ask that you present the ones that you did not use during June, in July. Feedback can be written and put in Brother Stephen Felts box in the office or you can make comments at the bottom of this blog!

Summer Activities Presentations
Note: You should view all of the presentations in the "Present" mode in order to see the transitions, which are arranged to help clarify, etc. If the presenter is not doing the presentation in "Present" mode, neither the videos nor the transitions will work.  The Presentations are class/group lessons -- not just training for staff but helps for staff teaching the material.

Only one of these 2

 If you run out of things to do (We really don't think you will) you can always discuss What's New!

If you have suggestions for further training needs put them in the comments below!

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