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July Training

Note: The Ogden FamilySearch Library will be closed on the following dates-
July 2-4 and July 23-25! If your shift falls on any of those days, you will need to make adjustments to the following schedule.

Week 1 July 4-9
Preparation for Jubilee Week
Practice and training:
1. Patrons who come to the Jubilee Celebration may not have an LDS account or they may not know their username or password! Are we prepared to help them?

2. Are we prepared to help with Find Take Teach?

Here are some training items you can use if needed!

After you sign in it analyzes your tree and makes suggestions about what to do next. ( My tree has many generations filled so it has a pdf handout and a short video to teach me how to do descendancy research. If my tree was not full, it would give me suggestions about what to do next.

Frequently asked questions and a short Video

Week 2

Week 3
July 18-23

Pretty Yellow Hat or an old Red Basket-Good Ordinance or Not? About 10 minutes plus discussion

Week 4
July 25-30

Supervisor and Trainer Choice: All the Stories-A new FamilySearch application is a good possibility, that can be taught in a few minutes. You can demonstrate how to find the app and show your stories or have members of your group come up and find theirs.
July 6, 2016-A new Google Docs Presentation has been added if you would like to use it!
Follow these steps:
1. Go to
2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on App Gallery
3. Search for All the Stories
4. Click on the All the Stories icon
5. Log in 
6. Wait. Watch and Enjoy All your stories in one place!

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