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June 2016 Training

Short Notice: Because of the Memorial Day Holiday Monday shifts should start this training on May 23rd!

Tuesday May 31- June 4 and June 6-11.

Begin at the Beginning: Helping Others to Love Family History. This workshop, filmed as part of the LDS track at RootsTech 2016, is based on some basic ideas and examples for how to help someone new to family history to begin to love it. (I have tried this and it really does work!) 
This Video is a little over 30 min long and needs to be presented in 2 separate Prayer Meetings. At the end of the first day, record the point that you stopped and start at that point on day 2.

On the 2nd day the following Presentation could also be used as an excellent Review or used later as needed.

Third week:13-18

Fourth Week: 20-25

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