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December 2016

Because of the Christmas Season The Ogden FamilySearch Library will close at 5 pm from December 12-17 and will be closed all day from December 19 to January 3 2017 Happy Holidays!

November 28-December 3
Find, Take, Teach, Ambassador Requirements
This presentation gives an overview of how to become an Ambassador for Find, Take, Teach.

December 5-10 Using All The Tools in Your Toolbox/Partner Access Without Paying
Unfortunately, there are many people who do not know how to get around the pop-ups that require payment to FamilySearch Partners while working here in the Library.

December 12-17.Supervisor’s.Choice (Day shifts only–Library closed at 5:00 pm every day this week)
If you have not already used some of following, here are some suggestions:
How to Link Unindexed Images to FS by Ann Tanner 10 minutes
FamilySearch: Obscure Elements Revealed by Ann Tanner 12 minutes
Yammer FamilySearch Network by Margaret Leckie Under 8 Minutes
Merging Duplicates in Family Tree by James Tanner 9:22

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