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September 2017 Training

(Library closed Sept. 1st- 4th, for Labor Day & 9th & 30th for the Family History Conference & General conference.)

September 5-8 Supervisors Choice

Several shifts have missed days and there are more this month for Saturday and Monday. If you have missed some training days use this time for catch up.

September 11-16

The next 2 weeks we will focus on Emergency Preparedness. During this week use these videos:

September 18-23 Emergency Action Plan

"If ye are prepared ye shall not Fear!"
Follow the instructions on the first slide! The purpose of this exercise is to acquaint the staff with the scope of the emergency plan and who is responsible. This is the Emergency Plan that is used by each Family History facility. We do not not know what kind of emergency we might have or when (hopefully never), but we need to be prepared! 
  • Scavenger Hunt: Each staff member will be given a map to locate flashlights, fire extinguishers etc. and checked off by Shift Supervisors. (It should be easy for those who did it last year!!

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