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August 2017

31 July-Aug. 5

Click-by-Click cards
There are only 5 slides in this Presentation You will need a supply of each of the click by click cards for this Presentation After the last slide comes practice and demonstration! Choose at least one volunteer to demonstrate using a Card. Volunteers can be chosen however you think best for your group (you can select them in advance, have them volunteer or select them “Army Style”) Another alternate way to use the time is to have everyone pick up cards and go practice on a computer The whole idea is to make everyone aware of what and where they are and how to use them personally or with patrons.

August 7-12

Preparation for open house (Monday shifts can show "Click by Click" or any other presentations that were missed)

August 14-19

WSU Special Collections Library

The Special Collections Library will be a part of our Conference in September.
This presentation is an overview of the library and the records that are available in these Special Collections.

August 21-26

September Conference Preparation

August 29-September 1

Supervisors Choice

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