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March 2017

February 27-March 4

Articles in FamilySearch  

Have you ever wanted to figure out how to do something in FamilySearch, but didn't know where to find the answer? There are dozens of "How to" articles in FamilySearch. This presentation explains what articles are and how to find and use them. 

March 6-11

The Consultant Planner
A great new tool to use with Find Take Teach

Revised Instructions for the 3rd and 4th week in March

March 13-18 & March 20-25 

Mike Sandberg's presentation at Roots Tech 2017contained 4 new tools for Temple and Family History helpers. The "Consultant Planner" covered in week 2, was one of those new tools. The other 3 Tools will be covered in week 3 & 4. Confronting Changes in FamilySearch has been moved to a later time!

The link above should take you to a slide presentation in Google docs. Follow the revised trainer instructions on the 1st slide!

March 27-April 1

The slide presentation will help in the discussion.
The purpose of this discussion is to get input from staff that will help the Ogden FamilySearch library's:
  • Prayer Meeting Training
  • Class offerings
  • General Improvement

This discussion could be led by Shift Supervisors and/ or Education Coordinators. Someone should take notes and compile a report to be turned into Brother Stephen Felt.

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