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February 2017

The Library will be closed Feb. 20th for Presidents Day. Shifts on that day will need to make adjustments in the following schedule.

January 30-=February 4
Prayer Meeting BlogWhat is it? Where is it? How can it help me and others?

February 6-11

Since there are many new people working at the library now, we thought it might be a good time to bring back an old presentation from August 2015 that was helpful for many!

Creating Strong Passwords That I Can Remember

February 13-18 

My Family History Calling "Use these resources to have your own family history experiences and help others to do the same." We have been asked to present an overview of the great training help that is available on This will require some preparation for trainers, shift supervisors and others to become familiar with what is available and then meet together and decide which things would be most beneficial for your shift! If you would like more time you could easily have a 2nd session the following week because it is supervisors' choice. Information on changes to the title of consultants is found Here

February 21-25
Supervisors Choice!
Here is an excellent overview of the tree in FamilySearch (17 Minutes)
FamilySearch Tree Overview

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