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June 2017 

Library closed (May 29 for Memorial Day & June 16th for deep cleaning)

Joe Hill

May 30-June 3 June 5-10 Find, Take Teach-Insure the Spirit leads first 

This link takes you to a Google drive folder that contains 2 clips from Diane Loosle's presentation at RootsTech 2017. Begin with the first video. There is also an outline giving an explanation of the content of the 2 clips and the timing breakdown of the various segments in the 2nd video
which shows Diane working with a patron to find ancestors to take to the Temple. The 1st video is just over 6 minutes and the 2nd almost 23 minutes long. Total time just under 30 minutes. Depending on the time available for your shift you will need to use this information to determine how use these videos over a 2 week period. Don't forget discussion and input from others. There is also a link to the complete Video from Roots Tech.

June 12-17 

Searching for Ancestors in FamilySearch (12 Minutes) 

To load this video click on the Play button in the image below and then expand to full screen!                                                   

Handout:Family Search (Records, Genealogies, Catalog, Books, Wiki)

June 19-24 Sharing Information between FamilySearch and Ancestry 

You have 2 options. You can use either one or a combination of both.

Option 1 (14:05)

1. How to find sources on Ancestry and add them manually to FamilySearch.
2. Create a Tree in Ancestry (a little more effort up front but a much more efficient way to exchange information.) (If you are only interested in #2 you can drag the bar at the bottom of the video to the 4:47 mark)
3. Create a Tree in Ancestry
4. Exchanging information between Ancestry and FamilySearch

Option 2 (5:55) Handout

June 26-July 1 

Supervisors Choice: Because of problems with FamilySearch The Open House has been postponed indefinitely!!!! If you are looking for ideas Click Here for a Series of short videos by Ancestry. Other Ideas: 

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